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District Hospitals Darmstadt-Dieburg

Standort Krankenhaus


Krankenhausstraße 11 | 64823 Groß-Umstadt (Germany)

Krankenhaus Betten

Number of beds:



Year of founding:




Approx. 470


District Hospital Groß-Umstadt

  • Clinic for ENT diseases
  • Clinic for General Surgery
  • Clinic for Anesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine
  • Clinic for Gynecology and Obstetrics
  • Clinic for Geriatrics
  • Clinic for Geriatrics / Day Clinic
  • Department of Internal Medicine I (General Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology)
  • Department of Internal Medicine II (Cardiology and Angiology)
  • Clinic for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery / Facial Surgery
  • Clinic for Radiology
  • Clinic for Trauma Surgery and Orthopedics
  • Center for Mental Health (General Psychiatry) with Day Clinic

District Hospital Jugenheim

  • Clinic for Orthopedics and Traumatology
  • Center for Acute and Postacute Intensive Care

About the District Hospitals Darmstadt-Dieburg

The hospital group District Hospitals Darmstadt-Dieburg is divided into the district hospitals in Groß-Umstadt and Jugenheim. The group can refer to a history of more than 70 years and is responsible for about 15,000 annual patient treatments.

The District Hospital Groß-Umstadt was founded in 1968. Since then, there have been numerous conversions and extensions which have contributed to the continuous development and improvement of hospital operations. In 1969 – one year after the opening – a nursing school was established, thanks to which the district clinic can look back on decades of experience in the training of junior medical staff. Most recently, the psychiatric department “Center for Mental Health” was added in 2009 in the course of the many construction measures. The hospital has a total of 13 specialist departments, in which our students from the 3rd year of study onwards can gain practical experience at the bedside.

The District Hospital Jugenheim was founded in 1947 and houses the specialist departments of Orthopedics and Traumatology as well as the Center for Acute and Postacute Intensive Care Medicine. In the orthopaedic and trauma surgery special facility, more than 800 endoprostheses as well as replacement operations on loosened joints are performed annually. For quality assurance purposes, regular checks are carried out by independent external bodies such as health insurance companies or the Quality Assurance Office of the State of Hesse. Here, the district hospital Jugenheim regularly achieves the best results.


22. September 2020
New teaching hospitals – UMCH agrees upon cooperation with District Hospitals Darmstadt Dieburg
On September 2, 2020, the District Hospitals Darmstadt-Dieburg and UMCH agreed on a future cooperation. The Hessian hospital association includes the two district hospitals Groß-Umstadt and Jugenheim. The growing number of UMCH teaching hospitals throughout Germany has thus now risen to 9 facilities. In Groß-Umstadt, UMCH students will in future have the opportunity to spend some of their bedside teaching time in a specialist psychiatric department (Center for Mental Health),...

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