ReachHigher – Dr. Hans-Jürgen Gausepohl with amazing facts about premature babies

October 16, 2023

Dr. med. Hans-Jürgen Gausepohl, from one of the largest maternity clinics in Germany, spoke at the UMFST-UMCH Medical University Hamburg about newdevelopments, emphasizing the significant role of involving parents holistically.

Premature babies, contrary to common misconceptions, exhibit great vitality. On October 10, 2023, Chief Physician Dr. med. Hans-Jürgen Gausepohl from the Deaconess Foundation Hospital Speyer presented new findings at the UMCH Campus in hamburg. As a specialist in pediatric and adolescent medicine, as well as neonatology and pediatric cardiology at the third-largest maternity clinic in Germany, he explained that every twelfth child is born prematurely.

Factors contributing to early birth such as premature contractions, infections of the amniotic sac, maternal inflammation, malnutrition, vaginal bleeding during pregnancy, smoking, stress, multiple pregnancies, or uterine malformations. One-third of premature births are medically indicated and carefully planned.

Dr. Gausepohl emphasized the importance of early support for parents during premature births, as they often experience stress. Psychological assistance and early involvement of parents in caregiving activities are crucial, enabling them to feel they can contribute.

According to Dr. Gausepohl, the most significant threat to newborns is infections. Thus, great attention is paid to their prevention. Even a minor cold in family members should be taken seriously, leading to precautions. However, newborns are often resilient, with a low oxygen saturation and strong hearts. Healing and regenerative processes frequently go well, whether following surgeries for skin injuries or congenital defects. Notably, their drug metabolism is remarkable.

During his presentation, the medical professional also addressed the survival prospects of premature babies following complications, painting an optimistic picture of the developmental opportunities for these tiniest individuals.