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Forensic Psychiatry Workshop with Dr. Patrick Debbelt

May 28, 2021
All day
Forensic Psychiatry Workshop with Dr. Patrick Debbelt

On May 28, 2021, a workshop limited to 35 places and related to the ReachHigher event of the previous day titled “Mad or Bad? Or Both! – Case Studies of Forensic Psychiatry” will be held at UMCH, in which the contents of the event with the topic “Mad or Bad? Or Both! – Psychiatric Illnesses and Crime” will be further deepened.

In the workshop, the students of the 2nd and 4th semester will get the chance to get to know the work of Forensic Psychiatry in more detail by means of concrete examples. They will gain insights into the areas of the penal system and forensics as well as become familiarized with the tasks of forensic experts. Afterwards, the participants will independently develop statements based on individual cases and conclude by making potential recommendations to a fictitious court.

Registration for the workshop will be possible from the beginning of the coming semester via our student platform Canvas.