ReachHigher with Dr. Mehdi Afscharian

February 29, 2024
19:00 - 20:30
ReachHigher with Dr. Mehdi Afscharian

Lecture: “Intensive Insights: Advances, Challenges, and Current Developments in Critical Care Medicine for Severe Diseases” (Lecture Language: English)

On February 29th, Dr. Mehdi Afscharian will provide fascinating insights into the structure and development of intensive care medicine. Topics such as costs, infectious diseases, and training will be illuminated, along with a practical case report on resuscitation measures. The event offers a unique opportunity to learn from an experienced expert and stay informed about current developments in intensive care medicine. We look forward to your interest and a strong attendance.

  • Department (Introduction to the department, structure, infrastructure)
  • Development of the ICU (The development)
  • Challenge (Costs, infectious diseases, education)
  • Case Report (post-cardiac arrest)

Entertaining, innovative and condensed: At ReachHigher, experts from a network of extraordinary personalities give lectures on the topics of medicine and research as well as leadership/motivation. UMFST-UMCH’s ReachHigher lecture series pushes and strengthens the know-how of our students as well as their personal development – beyond their daily schedule. We look forward to accompanying you on your individual way to self-realization!

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