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ReachHigher with Prof. Tiberiu Bataga, MD, PhD

June 1, 2021
18:00 - 19:30
Event Series
ReachHigher with Prof. Tiberiu Bataga, MD, PhD

Webinar: „Bio-Orthopaedics – a new approach” (Language: English)

On June 01, 2021, under the direction of UMFST lecturer Prof. Tiberiu Bataga, MD, PhD, a ReachHigher edition entitled “Bio-Orthopaedics – a new approach” will be held.

Bio-Orthopaedics is a novel form of treatment in Orthopedic Sports Medicine that aims to restore joint function in cartilage tissue damage through the body’s own healing processes. Increasing technological advances now allow the use of natural substances in biological therapy, such as autologous plasma, stem cells, or donor cartilage grafts, which are modified and then introduced into the injured area to promote healing in ways that were not previously possible. This can be achieved by both surgical and non-surgical means as a result of innovations in recent years. While we are already able to repair, replace or restore damaged cartilage, the ultimate goal of Bio-Orthopaedics is tissue regeneration and the complete return of joint structure and function during the recovery period of those affected. In his presentation, Prof. Bataga will provide the university’s students with an in-depth look at this exciting new treatment method.

Prof. Bagata is a specialist in Orthopedic Traumatologic Surgery and a member of numerous associations, such as the Romanian Society of Arthroscopy and Sports Trauma (SRATS) and the Association for Prevention of Osteoporosis in Romania (ASPOR). He is also involved in 20 international research projects and the author of more than 280 scientific publications.


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