From A to B – with the free rental bikes of UMCH

December 17, 2019

The bicycle is one of the most popular means of transportation among students in university cities worldwide. That is why 25 bicycles in university design are now being offered at UMCH. These are made available to students in Hamburg free of charge, for example, to explore the nearby Altonaer Volkspark between lectures or make a short detour to the surrounding area.

UMCH – like the entire university – attaches great importance to sustainability. In addition to the semester ticket, with which students can use public transportation in Hamburg free of charge, the bicycles are another way for students to travel in an environmentally friendly way. There is simply no faster, more efficient and at the same time completely CO2-neutral means of transport.

By cycling, the future UMCH doctors are also active in sports and stay fit, as it strengthens the cardiovascular system. In addition, it places hardly any strain on the musculoskeletal system during endurance training and is therefore regarded as one of the most gentle sports activities available. Cycling is also particularly recommended in terms of strengthening the leg muscles and burning fat.

Some of the UMCH students, who had already heard about the bicycles designed in a chic retro look, were very pleased with the pre-Christmas surprise and the opportunity to take a quick trial ride.