German Course at UMCH

Learn German from Scratch

Achieve A1 Level in German before the beginning of your studies

Have you been admitted to UMCH or another university in Germany for this fall, but you do not speak any German yet?

This A1 course includes 41 teaching units, is offered on the UMCH campus (online participation is possible too), and is a great opportunity to experience the wonderful city of Hamburg up close during summer. Although Hamburg and many other German cities are highly international and multicultural, it is still indispensable to speak German when planning for a longer stay here. Especially when dealing with colleagues and patients during your studies or your future career, you will be required to have a solid capacity in German.

UMCH’s intensive German course is taught by an experienced teacher who will guide you through the basic linguistic obstacles and difficulties of living in Germany. By the end of the course, you will be able to hold simple everyday conversations in the newly learned language and you will already have the necessary vocabulary and solid grammatical knowledge that will provide the perfect foundation for your future German studies.

For prospective UMCH students, the course also allows them to start their upcoming studies in a more relaxed manner. Medicine is a field of study that involves a great deal of learning in many different subject areas during the first few years. However, learning the German language is likewise necessary in the process. You will need your acquired skills to find your way around the country, but also to cope with the stays in UMCH‘s teaching hospitals, where communication and teaching takes place in German. So, take the first step towards your professional future at the very beginning of this summer and attend UMCH‘s intensive German Summer Course.

Experienced German teacher

Katharina Seydel

Experienced German teacher
teaching units


Teaching from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
make friends


Meet other future UMCH students
discover german classes


The Campus and Hamburg


  • Intensive summer course between July 1 and 9, 2021, for reaching A1 level
  • 41 Teaching units
  • Teaching from 09:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
  • Experienced German teacher
  • Getting to know Hamburg and the UMCH Campus (online participation is possible too)*
  • Meet other future UMCH students
  • Save your time during the first semester by taking the first German course already before the start of the study program

Next Course

German Intensive Course

7 days of teaching

On-Site or Online Course

7/01/2021 – 7/09/2021

for reaching A1 level

545 €*


Course duration: 7 days of teaching
Course format: On-site or online course
German level: A1 after concluding the course
Type: Type
Participant places: Small groups (max. 12 places)
Price: 545 €*

Special Offer

1-week German Summer Course

From July 1 to July 9, 2021

545 €*

3-weeks Pre-Med Course

From July 12 to July 30, 2021

2,900 €*

3,445 €*

3,200 €*

* Plus board and lodging on site during the course. If required, we can help you find suitable accommodation. Course structure and schedule are subject to change.

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