UMFST-UMCH Campus in Hamburg Welcomes New Medical Director

January 23, 2023

On January 19, 2023, the new Medical Director Hon.-Prof. Dr. med. Dirk Jentschura was ceremoniously inaugurated into his new position at the UMFST-UMCH Campus. In this role, he will take on a variety of tasks for the Hamburg medical campus with immediate effect, such as acting as a link between the university and the various teaching hospitals where students complete their clinical-practical study phases. During the festive event, the previous Medical Director Prof. Dr. med. Jobst Nitsch was also honored for his many years of commitment and given a ceremonial farewell. In addition to speeches by Dean Assoc. Prof. Simona Muresan and CPE Managing Director Christopher Musmann, Baraneh Salamat of the UMFST-UMCH Student Council also spoke. They all offered warm congratulations to both the new and retiring Medical Directors, adding to the celebratory mood of the evening. In addition, Prof. Nitsch and Prof. Jentschura also addressed the many students, faculty and campus staff in attendance with speeches. Musical accompaniment for the program was provided by UMFST-UMCH student Alexander Scheibner, who performed “Canon in D Major” by Johann Pachelbel on the violin, and several members of the UMCH Band, who performed “Here Comes the Sun” by the Beatles.

Following the official part of the event, there was a sparkling wine reception in the UMCH Lounge, where, in addition to cold drinks, canapés, pastries and the opportunity for mutual exchange were offered. In an exuberant mood, the new and the former Medical Director celebrated here together with students, scientific staff and employees of the campus until shortly before midnight.

Prof. Jentschura is the former Chief Physician of the Clinic for General and Visceral Surgery at the UMFST-UMCH Teaching Hospital Deaconess Foundation Hospital Speyer. Last year, he was already awarded an honorary professorship at the UMFST-UMCH Campus, where he has since been a guest for various teaching events.