ReachHigher – Anna Brodersen gives Lecture on the Topic “Working as a Midwife”

November 7, 2022

In an edition of the ReachHigher lecture series, Anna Brodersen was a guest at UMFST-UMCH in Hamburg on November 2, 2022. In the course of the event entitled “Warm – Weich – Dunkel”, she reported in detail about her career as well as her experiences in her everyday professional life as a midwife.

Brodersen, who is one of the first undergraduate midwives in Germany, was introduced by the UMFST-UMCH student Philipp Witte. She addressed various aspects of being a midwife in her easy-going and entertaining presentation. For example, she was asked by a student in the audience about the most unusual situation she had experienced in her professional life so far. She answered this by describing a situation in which a newborn baby was thought to be a girl until after birth, when the hospital team discovered that it was a boy after all. In addition to sharing numerous anecdotes like this, as well as debunking various myths that are heavily propagated by influencers on social media, among other activities, the UMFST-UMCH students in attendance were also given the chance to learn in hands-on exercises how to prepare a woman for the upcoming birth through, for example, perineal massage, which they were able to practice on the backs of their hands. Furthermore, Brodersen went into more detail about the birth process using anatomical models.