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Our lecture series ReachHigher gives both UMCH students and interested guests the opportunity to broaden their horizons and benefit from the expert knowledge of exciting personalities from fields such as medicine and research or leadership and motivation. In doing so, they will be able to further their education in various areas that go beyond pure specialist knowledge. Instead, UMCH pursues a holistic approach with the lecture series.

Through ReachHigher we focus on the one hand on the current status quo in the medical world. On the other, however, we also address exciting challenges and changes that the world of medicine and society as a whole are facing. In addition, the human being as such, with all its exciting facets and opportunities for development, is placed at the center of attention.


8. December 2023
ReachHigher – Hon.-Prof. Dr. med. Dirk Jentschura speaks on the importance of a basic knowledge of anatomy
On December 7, 2023, an edition of the ReachHigher lecture series with Hon.-Prof. Dr. med. Dirk Jentschura took place at the UMCH Campus in Hamburg. In his lecture entitled "Why it is Important to Learn Anatomy from Minute 1", the former Chief Physician of the Clinic for General and Visceral Surgery at the UMFST-UMCH teaching hospital in Speyer, the Deaconess Foundation Hospital, used practical examples to illustrate the importance of...
26. October 2023
ReachHigher – Dr. Tabea Sturmheit about “Colorectal Cancer Therapy Design 3.0”
On October 24, 2023, Dr. Tabea Sturmheit, Director of Market Access Germany at 2cureX, was a guest at the UMCH Campus in Hamburg as part of the ReachHigher lecture series. Her presentation entitled "Colorectal Cancer Therapy Design 3.0" highlighted a potential paradigm shift in cancer therapy and the hope of establishing individualized approaches for patients. Dr. Sturmheit's presentation focused on the idea of precision oncology, the goal of which is...

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