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In our UMCH Student Clubs you get the opportunity to complement your university experience outside of studying, to make friends, and to realize exciting ideas and projects. Here you will meet like-minded people who share hobbies and passions. Sports, music, culture, discovering new things or doing good together – in our Student Clubs you can accomplish a lot together!

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The UMCH Band is a vibrant group of musical talent consisting of dedicated and passionate students whose hearts beat not only for medicine, but also for music. With a diverse repertoire ranging from electrifying rock and pop classics to soulful ballads, they creatively delight audiences on campus at various university events.

The individual band members usually rehearse once a week. As a result, they have been able to share their talents with fellow students, faculty, and others in attendance at numerous events such as inaugural lectures, university days or christmas festivities. Their musical connection and community involvement make them an irreplaceable asset to student life on the Hamburg campus.

FEM Club

The goal of the FEM Club is to advocate for the empowerment and advancement of women in science, in the university environment and beyond. Whether female students, lecturers or doctoral candidates – here every woman is given a place where she can freely develop and share her ideas. The club serves as a platform for interdisciplinary exchange and promotes collaboration between women.

The FEM Club is led by two dedicated students, Julika Tan and Marina Strähle, who want to encourage women to go their own way – free from social constraints, oppression and discrimination. By creating a supportive environment, the club members aim to address the challenges and obstacles women face in academia and academic institutions. Furthermore, they are committed to gender equality and overcoming existing gender stereotypes

Charity Club

The Charity Club is made up of dedicated students who actively contribute to society through community service projects. From fundraisers for war refugees and the homeless to sick children, they are passionate about helping those who fall short and are in need of support.

The goal of the Charity Club is to make a positive contribution to society, raise awareness of social challenges and bring about lasting change through collective action. In this way, many donations in kind and money have already been collected in the past, the gathering of which could make a big difference.

DRK Blood Donations

At least twice a year, the UMFST-UMCH campus offers a large blood donation campaign in cooperation with the German Red Cross. Numerous students fulfil their sense of responsibility and, with their participation, help to potentially save the lives of people who are urgently waiting for a blood donation.

South Asian Student Society (SASS)

The South Asian Student Society (SASS) is a dedicated student club that represents the strong community of South Asian students at UMCH. SASS aims to create a welcoming and supportive environment where students from different South Asian countries can come together, interact and learn from each other. Through a variety of events and activities, they promote cross-cultural exchange, strengthen the identities of their individual members and celebrate the rich diversity of South Asian cultures.