UMFST-UMCH Days 2023 – Scientific Workshops

May 12, 2023

This year, for the first time, scientific workshops were held as part of UMFST-UMCH Days 2023, where students had the opportunity to choose from a wide range of hands-on educational offerings in fields such as neuroscience, psychology, anatomy and the application of augmented reality technology in medicine.

The program included the workshop entitled “BRAIN: Modeling and Characterization of Alzheimer Disease Pathogenesis for Human Translation”, coordinated by Prof. Mark Slevin. Here, the participants learned about the latest methods for modeling and characterizing Alzheimer’s disease.

Another workshop that generated a lot of interest was “Augmented Reality for Medical Students”, coordinated by Lecturer Sorana Truta and Assist. Andrei Modiga. In it, participants learned about the practical applications of augmented reality in medicine and had the opportunity to try out the technology firsthand.

Assist. Nicolae Stanciu led the workshop “Achilles: The Myth, the Tendon, the Surgery”, in which students were able to deepen their knowledge of the basic anatomy and biomechanical aspects of the Achilles tendon, while learning new perspectives in the treatment of tendon injuries.

The workshop “Heart Dissection – Sutures and Anastomoses of the Aorta” was coordinated by Assist. Ioan Balmos. Here, the students had the opportunity to dissect a pig heart, learning the basic techniques in the areas of sutures and anastomoses of the aorta.

Assoc. Prof. Cosmin Popa and Assist. Cristiana Cojocaru led the workshop “Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy Protocols used in the Treatment of Emotional Disorders”. During this, participants received an overview of the latest developments related to the use of cognitive techniques in combination with behavioral strategies, exposure and relaxation for the treatment of emotional disorders.

In addition, there was the workshop “Reflex Help-Digital 3D Assistant for MAK Physical Therapy before TKB”, coordinated by Prof. Tiberiu Bataga and Assist. Flaviu Moldovan. Here, the students learned how to use the most accurate digital assistant for musculoskeletal (MSK) physical therapy.