Immediate admission through TMS participation – New: additional TMS module during the UMCH College Semester

March 2, 2020

TMS Test College-Semester UMCH

Every year thousands of prospective students take part in the TMS (Test for Medical Studies). The TMS is an aptitude test for medical studies, the results of which are decisive at many German universities as to who will and will not receive a place at medical school. The TMS consists of nine subtests, which are used to test different abilities. A total of 178 points can be achieved. At UMCH, applicants who have already taken part in the TMS and have achieved a minimum score of 89 will receive immediate admission to the study of human medicine – provided that there are still sufficient study capacities available at the time of application. In such a case, prospective students no longer need to take part in the UMCH admission procedure.

However, participation in the TMS is not an admission requirement for studying at UMCH. In order to obtain a study place, applicants can of course also go through UMCH’s own admission procedure. This consists of a motivation-based interview and a subsequent brief written evaluation and can be completed easily and at any time.


TMS preparation now also possible during the UMCH College Semester


In the course of UMCH’s TMS-related admission regulations, a module will be offered from autumn 2020 onwards during the College Semester, our 12-week medical preparatory course that prepares participants specifically for the TMS. This module can be booked as an additional module or individually.

The next College Semester will take place between November 9, 2020 and February 19, 2021 at the UMCH campus in Hamburg-Bahrenfeld. Participants will be taught the subjects biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, biochemistry, anatomy and medical theory, which are essential for medical studies.