Debut in Germany – 3rd Medical Student World Congress of Neurosurgery at the UMCH Campus in Hamburg

August 31, 2023

From August 31 to September 2, 2023, UMFST-UMCH is hosting the Medical Student World Congress of Neurosurgery, which takes place in Germany for the first time. Organizer of the World Congress of Medical Students in Neurosurgery is the Walter E. Dandy Neurosurgical Society from St. Louis/Missouri. In a festive opening ceremony on Wednesday evening, Dean Assoc. Prof. Simona Muresan, Campus Director Christopher Musmann and the organizers of the student congress, among others, welcomed the attending guests from 40 different countries. “It is a great honor for our medical faculty and the city of Hamburg to be selected as host”, said Christopher Musmann, Campus Director of UMFST-UMCH.

The motto of the event, “Gate to New Worlds”, highlights the fact that the congress features the latest findings. Renowned neurosurgeons from all over the world provide forward-looking insights into their work during the course of the event and share their knowledge with the many aspiring medical professionals. In addition to the scientific program of the congress, numerous practical workshops, exchange opportunities and mentorship sessions with international experts are offered.

Successful start – UMFST lecturers, graduates and students kick off program  

The first day of the congress began with a Focus Session featuring faculty members Prof. Mark Slevin and Dr. Ylenia Pastorello, UMFST alumni Dr. Alex Salagean and Dr. Nosherwan Bajwa as well as students Mihaela Straista, Nicoleta Arnaut (UMFST) and Ivan Bergo (UMFST-UMCH). The session was titled “Neuroinflammation in Degenerative and Destructive Brain Pathology: Mechanisms, Prevention, Surgical and Non-surgical Interventions”.

Dr. Pastorello hosted the session and announced all speakers of the Neuro Team, who inspired the congress audience with various presentations on this highly relevant topic. The individual presentations impressively highlighted the crucial link between neuroinflammation and degenerative brain pathologies. In addition, various prevention and intervention options were presented, among other aspects, which offer a hopeful outlook for the future.

The Focus Session was presented by the British Romanian Academic Institute of Neurosciences (BRAIN), founded last year by Prof. Slevin, Prof. Dr. Roxana Carare and Prof. Dr. Rodica Balasa at the UMFST Campus in Targu Mures. BRAIN is an interdisciplinary education and research center that combines basic and clinical neuroscience, cardiovascular science, informatics, mathematics/bioinformatics and radiology.


Overview of the presentations:

Theme 1: Inflammation and AD

  • Ivan Bergo: “Role of Lipoxins in Modulation of Inflammation”
  • Nicoleta Arnaut: “Chronic Diabetic Inflammation and AD”
  • Mark Slevin: “mRCP and Neurodegeneration”

Theme 2: Surgical and other Interventions

  • Alex Salagean: “Minimally Invasive Micro-Fragmented Adipose Tissue Drug Targeting in Glioblastoma”
  • Mihaela Straista: “Non-Congenital Chiari Malformation; Impairment of CSF Drainage”
  • Nosherwan Bajwa: “Intracerebral Haemorrhage Craniotomy, and Risk of Dementia”