ReachHigher with Dr. med. Hans-Jürgen Gausepohl

October 10, 2023
19:00 - 20:00
Event Series
ReachHigher with Dr. med. Hans-Jürgen Gausepohl

Lecture: “Amazing Facts and Top Performances of Premature Babies” (Lecture Language: English)

On October 10, 2023, Dr. med. Hans-Jürgen Gausepohl will be a guest at the UMFST-UMCH Campus in Hamburg as part of the lecture series ReachHigher. In doing so, he will put the common narrative of premature infants into a new perspective.

Rather than emphasizing exclusively the fragility and immaturity commonly associated with babies, the Chief Physician of the Department of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine at the UMFST-UMCH Teaching Hospital in Speyer, the Deaconess Foundation Hospital, will focus on the extraordinary strength and remarkable physiological characteristics of these special children.

From low fetal oxygen saturation to cardiac function and hypoxia tolerance, Dr. Gausepohl will highlight how premature babies are truly top performers under the motto “Amazing Facts and Top Performances of Premature Babies”. Among other topics, he will highlight the unmatched growth rate and amazing ability of premature babies to heal and regenerate – be it after surgery, skin injuries or even brain damage. Other topics will include extraordinary physiological parameters of babies and their remarkable metabolism of drugs such as caffeine. Using fascinating case studies, Dr. Gausepohl will also demonstrate the survivability of premature infants after complications and offer an optimistic outlook on the developmental prospects of babies.


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