ReachHigher with Marcus Schwarz

May 11, 2020
Event Series
ReachHigher with Marcus Schwarz

Lecture: “Forensic Entomology – Insects as murder witnesses” (Lecture language: English)

On May 11, 2020, we welcome Marcus Schwarz, author of the non-fiction book “Wenn Insekten über Leichen gehen – Als Entomologe auf der Spur des Verbrechens” (Insects as murder witnesses – An entomologist on the trail of crime), in a new edition of our ReachHigher lecture series via Zoom. He has turned his passion for forensics and criminology into a profession and also trains police officers and students in his field.

When someone dies, nature celebrates a banquet. But can nature really provide important facts that help solve crimes? How does one determine the time of death with the help of insects? And how long was the body really left on the lake?

Markus Schwarz knows all about the insects that appear at crime scenes – whether they are maggots, flies or beetles. In his experience, even the smallest larva is important. For when he analyzes the evidence he has collected in his laboratory in Leipzig, he often finds the decisive clue to the culprit. Thanks to his valuable insider knowledge as well as his experience with criminal cases known throughout Germany, he authentically shows how such cases are solved.

The forensic entomologist works at the Institute for Legal Medicine in Leipzig and is one of the most sought-after specialists in his field in Germany. With his expertise, he helps forensic doctors to solve crimes in cases of murders and corpse discoveries.

We look forward to an exciting lecture and an insight into a world that most people only know from novels or crime series!



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