ReachHigher with Sylvia Hartmann

June 15, 2020
Event Series
ReachHigher with Sylvia Hartmann

Lecture: “Planetary Health – Why we need to rethink health” (Lecture language: English)

“What is health?” and “What is it dependent on?” – These are the questions that the world’s medical professionals deal with on a daily basis. However, it is often forgotten that our personal health is not only dependent on nutrition or physical exercise. It is also significantly influenced by external factors. This aspect is also often neglected during studies. Such external factors include, for example, which supermarket is nearby, how our neighbourhood is structured, accessibility to education, social security systems, air quality, noise levels and many other so-called social determinants. If you think a little bit outside the box you will quickly see that there is a clear connection between the state of our environment and earth and the health of ourselves as human beings.

Sylvia Hartmann is a doctor and Vice-Chairwoman of the German Alliance on Climate Change and Health (KLUG). She recently founded the Planetary Health Academy, which hosts weekly lectures by leading experts in the field of planetary health. She completed her medical studies in Berlin, Denmark and France. While still a student, Sylvia Hartmann was already involved in public health and health policy issues at the Federal Representation for Medical Students. She also represented the International Medical Students’ Association (IFMSA) at the World Climate Conference in 2017 and 2018.

Find out more about the concept of planetary health and why it makes sense to take Rudolf Virchow as your medical role model in our upcoming ReachHigher issue with Sylvia Hartmann!



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