ReachHigher with the South Tyrol Health Authority

October 12, 2021
19:00 - 20:30
Event Series
ReachHigher with the South Tyrol Health Authority

Lecture: “Back to the Future” (Lecture language: English)

On 12 October 2021, a ReachHigher edition with the title “Back to the Future” will take place. During the event, the South Tyrol Health Authority will present its innovation and research concept, which will be used as an example to show what challenges the medical industry will have to face in the future and how it can overcome them.

In the relatively small Northern Italian Alpine province of South Tyrol, inhabited by a majority German-speaking population, there is an alarming shortage of well-trained medical professionals. In order to ensure long-term medical care in the region, about 300 additional doctors will be needed in South Tyrol’s hospitals over the next few years. The province has simply been dormant for too long – both in terms of promoting young talent and expanding the medical infrastructure. Now, however, South Tyrol is awakening from this long sleep and is ready to completely reposition itself.

For this reason, the South Tyrolean Committee for Innovation and Research is convinced: In the future, medical innovation, research and teaching will invariably go hand in hand in the province. After all, those who do research are usually the best doctors. For this reason, as many young and particularly research-minded medical professionals as possible are to work in the region’s hospitals in the future – regardless of whether they are students at the beginning of their clinical studies or already fully trained doctors. In any case, linking clinical practice with research offers immense added value for South Tyrolean hospitals. For example, the implementation of studies enables early access to new and innovative treatment methods as well as medications, and furthermore opens up excellent career opportunities for the participating medical professionals.



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