Hospitals from all over Germany present themselves in Hamburg

April 5, 2024

Students in exchange with Medical Directors

Hamburg. Hospitals from all over Germany have presented their diverse range of services in Hamburg. The teaching hospitals of UMCH University Medicine were present at the University Days (UMFST-UMCH Days) on campus with Medical Directors and Chief Physicians, among others.

At the teaching hospital fair of UMCH Medical University, doctors engaged in conversations with students. They seized the special opportunity to interact with the clinical heads. Such encounters are rather rare otherwise, according to students. However, they are enormously important and of great value for their professional careers. The UMCH campus sets an example in this regard.

Conversations consistently revealed the hospitals’ strong commitment to closely mentoring and guiding students through experienced hospital physicians. It’s not just about getting a glimpse, but rather being integrated into medical practice with patients from the outset.

The teaching hospital fair and lectures by representatives of individual teaching hospitals provided students with a unique opportunity to learn about the conditions and diverse advantages of each teaching hospital. Thus, they could determine which one best suited their desires and requirements.

An ongoing theme was also the international orientation of both the campus and the teaching hospitals. This isn’t so common, reported students, some of whom chose the UMCH Medical Campus in Hamburg for this reason. Because a comprehensively international medical education is indispensable in a globalized world.

UMCH has a wide network of teaching hospitals and medical facilities. Thus, the medical university not only contributes to securing medical care but also initiates pioneering interdisciplinary research projects. From the third year of study, UMCH students acquire comprehensive practical skills and undergo their clinical-practical training in hospitals and other medical facilities nationwide. They practice interacting with patients, familiarize themselves with their future work routines, and gain experience. UMCH collaborates with numerous teaching hospitals and practices throughout Germany. With a constantly expanding network of teaching practices, UMCH is a trailblazer in light of the politically desired increasing ambulatory care in the healthcare sector.

Represented at the teaching hospital fair were, among others:

  • Evangelisches Krankenhaus Mettmann
  • GFO Kliniken Niederrhein St. Josef Krankenhaus Moers
  • Städtisches Krankenhaus Maria-Hilf Brilon
  • Klinikum Lüdenscheid, Märkische Kliniken
  • Medizinisches Zentrum für Gesundheit Bad Lippspringe
  • Krankenhaus St. Elisabeth Damme
  • Klinikum Leer
  • Klinikum Werra Meißner Eschwege
  • Diakonissen-Stiftungs-Krankenhaus Speyer
  • St. Remigius Krankenhaus Opladen
  • Elisabeth-Krankenhaus Essen
  • Agaplesion Bethesda Krankenhaus Wuppertal
  • Delme Klinikum Delmenhorst
  • St. Vincenz-Krankenhaus Limburg