ReachHigher – Prof. Tiberiu Bataga, MD, PhD gives lecture on “Bio-Orthopaedics”

June 4, 2021

On Tuesday, June 1, 2021, Prof. Tiberiu Bataga, MD, PhD was a guest at the UMCH event series ReachHigher. In his lecture, he introduced the students present to the topic of “Bio-Orthopaedics”.

During his lecture, Prof. Bataga gave a comprehensive overview of the novel form of treatment used in orthopedic sports medicine to restore joint function in cases of cartilage tissue damage through the body’s own healing processes. The UMFST lecturer explained the advantages of the method, which has been continuously improved over the years, using the example of several professional football players. For example, affected patients can begin their rehabilitation phase just one day after the respective intervention, which, according to Prof. Bataga, makes sense not only because of the good tolerability of the procedure, but also from the economic point of view of the respective top athletes’ clubs. However, the main goal of the therapy method is to reduce pain while increasing the mobility of those being treated, he said. In addition, Prof. Bataga also reported, among other topics, on the possibilities of modern orthopedics, in which individual implants can be produced by 3D printers according to the physical conditions of the respective patients.

During the lecture, the UMCH students in attendance gained insight into the work of an orthopaedic and trauma surgery specialist, research in this field, as well as current innovations in the treatment of patients.