Healthy and productive for your studies

Increase your performance – with a healthy body

As a doctor, you are exposed to daily stress. In order to cope with this stress, mental but also physical fitness is a basic requirement. A well-trained body is just as important for the functioning of cognitive abilities as for improving your physical health.

Therefore, UMCH cooperates with the association Aktive Freizeit e. V. (VAF) – one of the largest leisure sports facilities in Hamburg – towards this endeavor. In addition, in the first two years of their studies, students take part in UMCH’s compulsory sports lessons, helping them gain a better understanding of the human body and motivating them to take part in regular sports in their private lives while maintaining a lifestyle that is as healthy as possible.

Sports offer

VAF is located only a few minutes’ walk from the UMCH campus. The recreational sports facility, which has existed since 1987 and modernized and expanded again and again since then, is considered an institution in Hamburg-Bahrenfeld. With its more than 4300 members, VAF significantly enlivens the district. On more than 3,000 m², the multifunctional sports facility offers a swimming pool with a 25 m pool heated to 28 °C, a spacious wellness area, three gymnasiums, a spinning room and the TÜV-certified “Studio für gesunde Fitness“. An extensive program of sports courses completes the offer. It ranges from tension to relaxation, from classic to dynamic.

A complete list of the more than 50 courses can be found here.

VAF Schwimmbad 2

Discounts for UMCH students

As a UMCH student, you will receive special conditions when using the leisure sports facility. On the one hand, there are no registration fees and on the other you receive a 10 percent discount on the student rate for membership fees and course fees.* Simply bring your UMCH student ID card with you when you register with VAF.

Your membership options
  • Gym including use of swimming pool and sauna
  • Gym subscription with 60 courses
  • Swimming pool use only

Interested students can participate in a non-binding trial session in the course area. For a free trial session in the “Studio for Healthy Fitness”, please register with VAF by calling +49 (0) 40 890 60 150.

* This rule does not apply to special offers.

Why physical education?

The mandatory, evidence-based and mostly practically oriented physical education classes at UMCH are primarily aimed at developing physical fitness. In addition, the students’ interest in independently performing exercises and sports should be awakened or maintained, and mental and physical performance increased. The character-building and interpersonal components of the communal physical education classes are also of decisive benefit to UMCH students in their future professional lives, in which social skills are essential.

More detailed information on the scope and schedule of physical education at UMCH can be found in the Curriculum.

Extract of the teaching contents

  • Development of muscle mobility and elasticity
  • Learning of various running techniques
  • Cardio training
  • Strength training
  • Training of the trunk, abdominal and leg muscles
  • Development of explosive power
  • Circuit training

What kind of tests are there?

The performance of the UMCH students is evaluated using various tests. For example, there is a speed test consisting of an entry and a final examination in which one has to sprint 4 x 15 meters. The evaluation criterion in this case is the progress between the two tests. The scale of evaluation is therefore adapted to the personal level of physical fitness. In addition, there is a sit-up test to determine the performance of the abdominal and hip muscles, as well as a jump test to determine the explosive power of the legs.

Sportunterricht UMCH 1

General advantages of physical education

  • Combating the consequences of overweight, lack of exercise, etc.
  • Preventive effects
  • Improvement of motor skills
  • Motivation enhancing
  • Development of body and health awareness
  • Increase of team spirit
  • Strengthening of the community