IMPORTANT UPDATE: UMCH will be closed for the next two weeks

March 13, 2020

This afternoon, the Hamburg Senate announced that the city’s universities will stop their regular operations as of Monday, March 16th. Therefore, we currently assume that UMCH will remain closed for the next two weeks (March 16–March 29).

At the moment, we are working on finding a temporary solution to enable students, in particular, to take their examinations of the third module on time. We are very confident that we will find a pragmatic solution. Further details and updates will follow as soon as possible. We kindly ask all students of UMCH to regularly check their e-mail inboxes.

The workshop “Suture and Knots” with Assoc. Prof. Mircea-Gabriel Muresan will take place as planned on Saturday, March 13th. If you are studying at UMCH and decide not to participate, no notification is required.