Free use of public transport

The best way for students to get from A to B

“What’s the quickest and easiest way to get where I’m going without a car?”

In Hamburg, this question can be answered quite easily: Besides the bicycle, public transport is particularly convenient. Local public transport is also unbeatable in terms of environmental friendliness. Moreover, the transport network in the metropolis on the Elbe – the second largest city in Germany – is excellently developed. As a UMCH student you can use public transport free of charge in the rings A-E. Thus, you enjoy the greatest possible mobility in large parts of Hamburg – thanks to the Semester Ticket of the Hamburg Transport Association (HVV). In this way not only can you get to UMCH and home quickly and easily, but also to your friends, favorite bar or one of the many parks of the city.

With the HVV Semester Ticket you can use public buses (H), regional trains (R), commuter trains (S), subway (U) and ferries (Fähre) free of charge

With the HVV Semester Ticket you can use public buses (H), regional trains (R), commuter trains (S), subway (U) and ferries (Fähre) free of charge

Semesterticket becomes nationwide HVV ticket

The Semesterticket is undergoing a transformation and will now be valid as a nationwide HVV Germany ticket. This change means that students now have access to public regional and local transport throughout Germany. From now on, no physical HVV ticket will be issued. Instead, students are only required to scan the QR code at the university, register, and receive their digital ticket on their mobile phones. During ticket inspections on buses or trains, students simply present their Semesterticket on their mobile devices. However, it’s important to note that the ticket is only valid when presented in conjunction with their ID card.

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Extensive applicability

In addition to the area of validity in Hamburg, the Semester Ticket is also valid in the following surrounding districts:


■ Herzogtum Lauenburg

■ Pinneberg

■ Segeberg

■ Stormarn


■ Harburg

■ Lüneburg

■ Stade

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