Medical campus of the future

Digital studies at the cutting edge

With its digital campus, UMCH is breaking new ground in the training of tomorrow’s doctors. The implementation of a state-of-the-art digital infrastructure began at an early stage as part of the campus construction in 2019. UMCH has comprehensive digital equipment that is constantly being upgraded and enables virtual-based teaching and learning processes. This allows us to offer our students outstanding study conditions.


Digital learning platform – collaborative learning and effective communication

Our digital learning platform provides UMCH students with all information and news about their studies and the campus in a single place. It is the basis for digital learning and communication among UMCH students and faculty. Here, all courses are managed for students and all teaching materials uploaded. These – as well as the video recordings – can be accessed at any time via computer, laptop or smartphone. Students can also use the digital learning platform to register for UMCH’s Student Clubs or ReachHigher events and take advantage of the student counseling offered by the Dean’s Office.

Digital competencies – equipped for the future

Furthermore, UMCH’s digital agenda includes the teaching of key digital skills that are becoming increasingly important for the treatment of patients. For this reason, the subject of medical informatics is integrated into the study program. Here, students are taught specialist knowledge from the field of information technology, for example by learning about mobile technologies in healthcare. They also gain an insight into human anatomy at our virtual 3D anatomy and dissection table, which reproduces human anatomy in unprecedented realism and is one of the most advanced developments in the field of medical technology.