Medical studies in Germany without waiting

Proven concept 

The medical studies offered in Hamburg are the international study program of a renowned top university with over 70 years of experience in teaching and research. For more than half a century, the university has been successfully training physicians, thereby relying on a study concept that combines research, teaching and practice. As a result, UMCH is not a newly founded university, but the international branch of an established university. Thus, UMCH is based on proven and reliable university structures.

UMCH offers its students a high-class practical and science-oriented education. Besides the imparting of knowledge by renowned lecturers, great importance is attached to the development of psychosocial skills in medical education. In addition to the close connection between theoretical basic subjects and clinical practice, these are elementary on the way to the medical profession.

Innovative educational concept

With the introduction of UMCH, a forward-looking training concept for prospective doctors has been developed that enables you to study medicine in an excellent international environment – without waiting time. The admission procedure is simple and quick.

The study concept promotes students both professionally and personally. In medical teaching, the university pursues a holistic, interdisciplinary, practice-oriented and patient-related approach. Students should be encouraged constantly to think in a critical way and to exchange ideas among themselves and with their teachers. In addition to the professional qualification of the students, personality development and the systematic advancement of individual strengths and talents play an important role on the campus in Hamburg. The transfer of social, cultural and ethical values to society is also an essential part of medical teaching.

Promotion of talent

At UMCH you are studying at a state university while enjoying the advantages of a private university. Because the courses take place in small groups, you benefit from more intensive and personal guidance than in a lot of state university, where you usually have to share lecture halls and professors with hundreds of fellow students.

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