Strong in research – interdisciplinary – practical

Patient-oriented system of values

The aim of UMCH is to train competent doctors. The graduates should be able to meet the requirements arising from new scientific findings and the needs of a constantly changing society – a patient-oriented system of values at the highest level. Our aim is to teach modern medicine that does justice to the complexity of human health and can offer each patient the best possible care in their individual state of health.

Excellent guidance and support

The teaching in small groups on a state-of-the-art teaching and research campus guarantees a high-quality medical education. In the basic and supplementary subjects as well as during clinical internships, there is an excellent relationship between teachers and students. Students maintain close contact with the lecturers and enjoy outstanding medical teaching. Thanks to the strong international orientation of the university, students are offered the opportunity to participate in groundbreaking congresses and symposia all over the world and to gain insight into a lot of multidisciplinary projects.

How are medical studies at UMCH designed? Which optional courses does UMCH offer?

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Study structure

Extracurricular Workshops

Our extracurricular workshops are additional learning opportunities outside of regular classes. In these hands-on events, students can deepen specific skills, think creatively, and gain experience in various areas. The aim is to foster personal growth beyond the traditional curriculum.



Imaging of the brain


X marks the spot


Colon Anamostoses


Layers and Structures in Limbs Anatomy


RPG Anatomy


On Friday, January 26, 2024, the workshop 'X marks the spot – Surface landmarks of the human' by Assoc. Prof. Lorand Denes took place. During the workshop, attendees had the opportunity to examine visible and tangible anatomical landmarks to improve the retention of this information for later use in a clinical setting. 🏥🖊️❌🤩

♬ Sky High - Elektronomia

Mobile phones in class welcome📱Our anatomy lecturer Assoc. Prof. Lorand Denes has recently integrated the online game-based learning platform @kahoot into his lessons. This way, the students can measure their progress, the teacher has an overview of their current level of knowledge while they are visibly having fun too 🤩🧠

♬ Originalton - UMCH