BRAIN presents Research Opportunities for Students with Prof. Roxana Carare and Prof. Mark Slevin

January 20, 2023

On January 17, 2023, an event of the British-Romanian Academic Institute of Neuroscience (BRAIN) was held in the auditorium of UMFST-UMCH in Hamburg. The speakers were the Director of BRAIN, Prof. Roxana Carare, and the Director of the Centru Avansat de Cercetari Medicale si Farmaceutice (Advanced Centre for Medical and Pharmaceutical Research, CCAMF) in Targu Mures, Prof. Mark Slevin. They presented the various research topics in BRAIN and the UMFST as well as the state-of-the-art facilities that exist for research within the UMFST, Romania.

BRAIN represents a unique interdisciplinary education and research hub in Romania, uniting basic and clinical neurosciences, cardiovascular sciences, computer sciences, mathematics/bioinformatics and radiology. Amongst other topics, BRAIN members conduct research on traumatic brain injury, the role of certain proteins in those infected with HIV and age reversal. On the latter subject, for example, research is performed on a method that will soon be used in a clinical trial and is intended to slow the aging of the human brain to counteract diseases such as Alzheimer’s. The mechanisms that fail in neurological diseases are complex and the pathways involved are inaccessible which is why targeted treatments are difficult to develop. Carare and Slevin emphasized that discovering new treatments and biomarkers for neurological diseases requires an interdisciplinary and international approach and BRAIN has the ambition to be a key centerpiece for this approach.