Mayor Sebastian Wagemeyer Extends Warm Welcome to UMCH Students in Lüdenscheid

April 10, 2024

UMCH students in their fifth year have embarked on their clinical training at the Märkische Klinikum Lüdenscheid.

A significant milestone was achieved as UMCH fifth-year students stepped into the Märkische Klinikum in Lüdenscheid for their clinical training for the first time. The reception they received was overwhelming, underscoring the importance of this event for the students.

A highlight of this event was undoubtedly the visit to Mayor Sebastian Wagemeyer, who warmly welcomed the students to City Hall and emphasized their importance to the medical care and community of Lüdenscheid.

The official introductory event at the hospital began with a warm welcome of UMCH students, including CEO Dr. Thorsten Kehe, Deputy Medical Director Dr. Monika Schwalenberg, and the dedicated UMCH mentor team, consisting of Dr. Dorothee Dill, Dr. Benedikt Knof, and Dr. Michael Klein. Students not only received important organizational information for their stay in Lüdenscheid but also participated in a hygiene training session, sharpening their awareness of patient and staff safety. A guided tour of the hospital in small groups under the expert guidance of mentors allowed students to familiarize themselves with the hospital’s procedures and facilities.

Another highlight will be participation in this year’s shock room exercise at the hospital, where students will have the opportunity to test and improve their skills in emergency medicine under real conditions.

The anticipation for the joint start is palpable among the students and the entire Märkische Klinikum team. This clinical phase promises not only enriching experiences for the students but also significant collaboration to promote excellence in medical care and education in Lüdenscheid.