Presentation on Educational Coaching Program with Assist. Cristiana-Manuela Cojocaru

October 19, 2022

On October 13, 2022, UMFST-UMCH hosted a presentation on the university’s Educational Coaching Program. This program is designed to help students cope more effectively with the challenges of the demanding medical degree program and to achieve optimal academic performance. In addition, it serves as a supporting tool in choosing an appropriate specialty that fits the student’s individual profile.

The program was presented by Assist. Cristiana-Manuela Cojocaru, who teaches Medical Deontology and Bioethics at UMFST-UMCH. She specifically addressed learning methods as well as how to stay motivated and focused as a student while being as proactive as possible to reach one’s full academic potential. In addition to the presentation by Assist. Cojocaru, there was an open discussion to address topics such as motivation to study, coping with stress, effectively adapting to new life circumstances and more. UMFST-UMCH students Shelma Rose and Arushi Sarabhai Verma, who are both founding members of the UMCH Student Club “South Asian Student Society” (SASS), were also present and provided the framework for the event.