ReachHigher – Lecturer Orsolya Bauer gives Lecture on Breast Cancer

March 17, 2023

On March 15, 2023, an edition of the ReachHigher event series with Lecturer Orsolya Bauer took place in the auditorium of the UMFST-UMCH Campus in Hamburg. The lecture titled “Anything and Everything about Breast Cancer” dealt with scientific facts around the topic “breast cancer” as well as its representation in the classical and social media.

The female breast is considered a symbol of femininity, beauty, motherhood and vitality. Yet breast cancer, of all forms, is the most common type of cancer in women. Statistically, one in eight women will develop breast cancer at least once in their lives. Many factors can play a role in whether or not one is affected. Some of them, such as age, gender and the BRCA gene mutation, cannot be influenced – but others, such as the use of hormones, diet, obesity, alcohol or cigarette consumption, can. Lecturer Bauer therefore emphasized that a healthy lifestyle is an important factor in keeping the risk of developing the disease low. Among lots of other information, she poignantly conveyed to the students present the importance of self-examination for early detection. In addition, after a brief historical overview, she presented the various methods of diagnosis and treatment in this field, which are manifold and safe today and have a high success rate.

The UMFT-UMCH lecturer believes that general and correct information on this topic is of great importance for everyone – but especially for women, who have a 100 times higher risk of developing the disease than men. She therefore concluded by addressing and refuting some myths that persist, partly due to misinformation in social media. Throughout her presentation, she employed an engaging delivery style and also managed to instill a healthy optimism in the students. She concluded with some tips on dealing with breast cancer, such as being responsible with oneself, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, not believing everything one hears and sharing one’s knowledge with others.

Lecturer Bauer holds a PhD in breast cancer research. For her, her occupation is more than just work – rather, she describes her profession as a passion. In addition to her work as a lecturer in General Surgery and Introduction to Practical Work and as a physician, she is also active on social media, where she communicates medical expertise to her followers in an easy-to-understand way.