Application days for the winter semester 2019/20 at UMCH

August 23, 2019

From August 22–23, 2019 the last application round for Winter Semester 2019/20 took place.

About 40 applicants gathered in perfect weather at the UMCH campus in Hamburg to take part in the English-language admission interviews. Many of the young men and women were visibly excited when it came to meeting UMCH’s commission. Prior to this, they were sent a list of questions to prepare for the important interview. They quickly found out that the commission was not there to hear perfect, memorized answers, but rather to focus on the motivation and personality of the individual applicants, thereby creating less pressure that they come across perfectly.

Our UMCH Media team was onsite to talk to the applicants after their respective admission interviews. Some of them revealed that they wanted to become doctors from an early age or that they had grown up in a medical environment. Others made this decision much later in life. However, the great desire to study medicine was felt equally by all aspiring students. For some, a new and exciting phase in their lives will soon begin at UMCH in Hamburg.