ReachHigher with Doc Felix

April 27, 2020
Event Series
ReachHigher with Doc Felix

Lecture: “Diagnosis Influencer! On Social Media, Artificial Intelligence and a Proactive Healthcare System” (Lecture language: German)

On April 27, 2020, we will welcome Felix Berndt in another edition of our ReachHigher lecture series, which this time will take place via Zoom. In the world of social media, the freshly graduated doctor and podcaster has long since made a name for himself as an influencer under the name Doc Felix. He uses his influence to impart medical knowledge to his followers and to benefit from his exceptional view of the status quo in the medical world.

Doc Felix, who already has more than 150,000 followers on Instagram and provides them with interesting medical facts on a daily basis, views the German healthcare system, which he believes is reactive, with critical eyes. This means that the focus of most physicians is not on keeping their patients healthy or preventing them from becoming ill in the first place. They, according to Doc Felix, usually only combat symptoms instead of identifying the cause of the respective problems and tackling the issue precisely there, so that in the best case scenario the “patients” do not even become ill in the first place and remain healthy in the long term. His plea: the healthcare system must become more proactive.

We look forward to receiving the inspiring perspective of a young doctor who thinks outside the box and uses the Internet to give his followers a modern, fresh and at the same time critical look at the topics of medicine and health!



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