Workshop “Das Böse in mir?” with Dr. med. Patrick Debbelt

December 2, 2022
All day
Workshop "Das Böse in mir?" with Dr. med. Patrick Debbelt

Das Böse in mir (Language: German)


Usually, every person knows not only the positive but also the rather bad or dark sides of themselves. Likewise, each of us probably knows thoughts that others would call evil. But what happens in a person when thoughts and ideas become actions? What role does culpability play in this context? And what therapeutic options are available?

Dr. med. Patrick Debbelt will explore all these questions together with students of UMFST-UMCH in his upcoming forensic workshop “Das Böse in mir”. In addition, the workshop will address the questions of why people commit crimes, why our behavior often remains stable despite punishment, and what roles empathy, shame, and remorse play in all of this.

Building on the two workshops Dr. Debbelt has already given at UMFST-UMCH in the past, “Das Böse in mir” focuses on offender profiles from the spectrum of personality disorders.

First, the Medical Director and Chief Physician of the Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy of the UMFST-UMCH Teaching Hospital in Hemer, the Hans Prinzhorn Clinic, will give a brief introduction to forensic psychiatry in a lecture. In addition, he will talk about legal basics, diagnostics and on the basis of concrete cases about offender profiles. This will be followed by work in small groups, where cases will be processed on the basis of an expert report and later presented in the plenary session.