“Excellent Education with a Global Network” (UMFST-UMCH Days 2024)

March 18, 2024

Hamburg. International congratulations were received by the Hamburg UMCH Medical Campus. During the University Days UMFST-UMCH-Days, prominent figures highlighted the importance of the medical university and congratulated on the extremely successful development of the campus, which was established five years ago in Hamburg-Bahrenfeld. The Medical Campus has been visibly filled with life and has undergone an incredible development as a model that is unparalleled, praised prominent speakers. They acknowledged its model character for Europe and the world.

Among the speakers at the opening event were the Romanian Minister of Education, Prof. Ligia Deca, Prof. Gigel Paraschiv (State Secretary for Higher Education in the Romanian Ministry of Education), Diana-Loreta Păun (Advisor to the President in the Romanian Ministry of Public Health), and H.E. Adriana Stanescu, the Romanian Ambassador to Germany. The exchange of lecturers, scientists, and researchers is becoming increasingly important, said the ambassador. She congratulated UMCH on its exemplary work, which also contributes to international understanding.

Campus Director Hon.-Prof. Dirk Naumann proudly looked back on the successful development of the campus. This is a joint success of all involved: the students and lecturers as well as the doctors of the teaching hospitals and the many staff members of the campus and the numerous cooperation partners from all over the world. Highly competent medical professionals are trained here who contribute fully and are in demand worldwide.

Rector Prof. Leonard Azamfirei thanked everyone for their extraordinary dedication, which makes this campus very special.

Assoc. Prof. Simona Muresan emphasized: There is no app for training excellent physicians, only excellent education, as made possible here at UMCH.

Romanian Minister of Education Prof. Ligia Deca was delighted that her long-standing wish to participate in this event had finally come true. She praised the first English-language medical education of this kind in Germany. It is an important contribution to the European path. She congratulated on the great success that produces medical excellences.

Prof. Dr. Oliver Bruder from the teaching hospital Elisabeth-Krankenhaus Essen said that he was pleased with the very positive development and intensive cooperation with the teaching hospitals.

On behalf of the students, Philipp Richter (5th-year student) praised the great atmosphere at the Hamburg campus, the diversity, openness, and tolerance. “We receive an excellent education here with a great international network.”