More than 50 registrations for stem cell donation – UMCH student motivates and inspires fellow students

December 7, 2023

On December 5, 2023, the event “An Introduction to Blood Cancer and Stem Cell Transplantation” took place in the auditorium of the UMCH Campus in Hamburg. The event, initiated and presented by dedicated student Melody-Tara Shahamat, provided a deep insight into the different types of blood cancer and their treatment options. Melody, who is a cancer survivor herself, shared not only medical knowledge but also personal experiences that brought to life the challenges and hopes of those facing this disease.

With impressive persuasiveness, Melody explained the need for stem cell donations to those present and guided them through the process of collection. She explained what happens to the stem cells after donation and how these donations can save lives. Melody’s passionate appeal was aimed at encouraging attendees to register as potential stem cell donors in the hope of one day saving someone’s life.

The increasing presence of cancer, especially in younger age groups, makes it crucial to develop a comprehensive understanding of the topic and to actively participate in scientific research and social engagement.

The event was met with great interest and not only generated sympathy, but also a great willingness to get involved. The highlight of the positive response was the fact that more than 50 stem cell donors for the German Bone Marrow Donor File (DKMS) were recruited from among the UMCH students.

The success of the event goes beyond just the numbers. It not only helped to raise awareness of blood cancer and stem cell donations, but also inspired students to actively support the health of others.