New teaching hospital – UMCH cooperates with Medical Center for Health Bad Lippspringe (MZG) in the field of clinical training

January 20, 2021

UMCH-Lehrkrankenhaus MZG Bad Lippspringe

UMCH students will soon be able to complete their clinical practical training at the Medical Center for Health (MZG) in Bad Lippspringe near Paderborn, starting in their third year of study. The MZG and UMCH recently signed an agreement to this effect.

The MZG is a hospital group consisting of five clinics and institutes with different medical specialties. The acute care hospital Karl-Hansen-Klinik, as a hospital for basic and standard care, has various, partly specialized departments such as a Department for Internal Medicine with additional emphasis in the areas of Pneumology, Infectiology, Intensive Care Medicine, Weaning and Early Rehabilitation. In addition, the clinic has a specialist department for ENT, whose range of treatments is supplemented in cooperation with an in-house department for Phoniatrics/Pediatric Audiology. The Acute Care Center also offers patients a Palliative Care Unit, a Pain Center, and a Center for Sleep Medicine.

In the four other MZG clinics, the focus is primarily on rehabilitation medical treatment. The Klinik am Park, Rehabilitation Clinic for Psychosomatics and Weaning Treatment, the Cecilien-Klinik, Oncology Clinic for Follow-Up Rehabilitation, the Klinik Martinusquelle, Rehabilitation Clinic for Respiratory Diseases and Cardiovascular Diseases, and the Teutoburger-Wald-Klinik, Rehabilitation Clinic for Orthopedics, Traumatology and Sports Medicine, are dedicated to the specialized medical rehabilitation of chronically or acutely ill patients in order to enable them to lead as independent lives as possible in the long term. In addition, in cases where it offers added value, the MZG combines medical treatments with forest, climate and exercise therapies. These are carried out in the 200-hectare healing forest of Bad Lippspringe, which is located in the immediate vicinity of the facilities. A school for physiotherapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy (Lippe-Institut) completes the spectrum.

As a result, not only the patients of the clinics have the chance to benefit from the extraordinary forms of therapy. In the event of a stay during the clinical study section in Bad Lippspringe, the UMCH students also have the opportunity to gain relevant insights and thus expand their profile.