ReachHigher – Jessica Llerandi Pulido gives lecture on medicine and economics

October 18, 2023

On October 18, 2023, Jessica Llerandi Pulido, Managing Director of the Protestant Hospital Mettmann, was a guest at UMCH’s ReachHigher in Hamburg. She gave a lecture entitled “Der ‘neue’ Ärzteberuf: Sind Medizin und Ökonomie vereinbar? An ICE ride through hospital financing” (“The ‘new’ medical profession: Are medicine and economics compatible? An ICE ride through hospital financing”).

According to Llerandi Pulido, the politically desired outpatientization of inpatient services is already in full swing. The number of medical care centers is increasing massively. However, the risk of outpatient billing is a reduction in revenue for the same service. The speaker therefore believes that there is an urgent need to adapt processes and reduce costs.

Overall, the current situation in the healthcare sector is characterized by a difficult situation for many clinics. They are unable to match their performance before the COVID-19 pandemic. Speaking to the UMCH students, Llerandi Pulido explained that a permanent drop in service levels was leading to a fall in revenue and rising costs. The shortage of specialists is also forcing clinics to close wards and other departments. In addition, there is a negotiation backlog with the health insurance companies. This is putting liquidity at considerable risk. In addition, there are war-related cost increases in almost all areas as well as high inflation.

At ReachHigher, Llerandi Pulido cited a more economical use of resources, adequate recording as well as documentation of services and more interdisciplinary work as possible solutions.