Workshop on “Medical Use of the Cannabis Plant” with Prof. Attila Brassai, MD, PhD and Lecturer Erika Ban, PhD

November 2, 2021

A digital workshop entitled “Cannabis – From Receptors to Ethical Issues” was held on Friday, October 29, 2021, led by Prof. Attila Brassai, MD, PhD and Lecturer Erika Ban, PhD.

The workshop addressed the controversial topic of the use and effects of cannabis products. First, the students were given an overview of the plant’s history of use, whose areas of application are extremely diverse. The teachers then went into detail about the chemical composition of the plant and the significant differences that can occur in this area. In addition, the students learned how cannabinoid receptors function, what uses cannabis has in medicine and what ethical aspects are associated with the use of the plant.

In the interactive part of the event, participants were asked using real cases of illness to decide whether the respective recommendation of the treating physicians was correct and how they themselves would have decided. They were also asked to express their own opinions on general ethical issues. Finally, in the discussion part of the workshop, the students asked their individual questions – among other topics, about the exact nature of research and what a doctoral thesis in this topic area might look like was discussed.