Karma Office – a medical podcast hosted by UMFST-UMCH students Marina Strähle and Julika Tan

January 12, 2022

Recently, the two UMCH students Marina Strähle and Julika Tan launched the podcast “Karma Office”. In it, they cover topics from the fields of medicine, health and personal development. The first two episodes have already been published and can be listened to via Spotify, for example.

In the first issue, entitled ” Zurück in die Zukunft – Innovation, Forschung und Lehre” (“Back to the Future – Innovation, Research and Teaching”), the two aspiring physicians interview Prof. a.c. Priv.-Doz. Dr. Michael Mian, MBA and Dr. Florian Zerzer from the South Tyrol Health Authority. During the interview, Marina and Julika talk to their guests, who recently gave a ReachHigher lecture at the campus in Hamburg, about, among other topics, the research assignment they have had since 2016 and why research adds great value to practice and teaching. They also cover areas such as work-life balance in healthcare and the fields in which the South Tyrolean physicians still see a great need for development.

In the second episode, Hon. Prof. Dr. med. Christian Berg is a guest at Karma Office. The physician from the Protestant Hospital Mettmann, who attended his inaugural lecture at UMFST-UMCH on December 3, 2021, where he was awarded the title of “Honorary Professor”, talks with the hosts about the topic of diabetes. How can one detect a case of diabetes? What influence does the individual lifestyle have on it? And what can be done to prevent diabetes from developing in the first place? These and many other questions are answered in the course of episode 2 of the podcast. In addition, Prof. Berg discusses technical and drug advances in the treatment of those affected.