ReachHigher with Ricarda Suska

May 18, 2020
Event Series
ReachHigher with Ricarda Suska

Lecture: “Psychology in Times of Corona – Why the Germans hoard toilet paper and how to stay mentally healthy during this madness” (Lecture language: English)

Psychology is an extremely versatile and exciting subject. It affects everyone, whether you are mentally fit or need help in this area. This is more noticeable than ever – in times when nothing seems certain and we all have to live with an invisible threat due to Corona.

For this reason, we are very much looking forward to welcoming Ricarda Suska in another edition of our ReachHigher lecture series via Zoom on May 18, 2020. The psychologist works as an educational psychological consultant and podcaster. “Psycho und Doc” with Doc. Felix – another ReachHigher speaker – generates approximately 30,000 clicks per week, making it one of the 150 most popular podcasts in the country on Spotify and one of the top 5 in the “Medicine” category.

In her lecture, Ricarda Suska will explain, among other things, some psychological mechanisms that occur automatically in humans and could be an explanation for the many hoarding activities that are now well known from the media or from our own experiences at the supermarket shelf. In addition, she will present and classify various findings from psychological science that prove that our mental health strengthens the immune system. A healthy psyche therefore also ensures that we are physically well and remain healthy.

This edition of ReachHigher is as up to date and exciting as can be!



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