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ReachHigher with Robert Musmann

December 7, 2020
18:00 - 19:30
Lecture series
ReachHigher with Robert Musmann

Lecture: “The doctors of tomorrow – Digital Expertise in the world of medicine”

On December 7, 2020, another edition of the UMCH lecture series ReachHigher will take place – this time with Robert Musmann. The doctor and entrepreneur, whose lecture is entitled “The doctors of tomorrow – digital expertise in the world of medicine”, is the founder of doctorsgate GmbH, which has developed the secure messenger service for medical professionals of the same name.

Effective communication is one of the most important components of everyday work in many professions. This is particularly true in the world of medicine, which has changed and continues to change significantly as a result of digitalization. Here, the transmission or the absence of individual pieces of information can make the difference between life and death. At the same time, however, hospitals and medical practices have particularly strict rules with regard to data protection and the privacy of patients. Therefore, doctorsgate attaches great importance to data security – an important aspect that is not covered by common messenger apps. The innovative app also offers many other functions to optimize communication between doctors and nursing staff – such as the secure exchange of patient images and findings, which allows you to get immediate and quick help when dealing with difficult cases. Today, doctorsgate is one of the most popular medical communication tools in the German-speaking world.

Robert Musmann knows: In addition to technical expertise and a business mentality, digital competence is one of the most important skills that doctors have to master nowadays. The UMCH students can therefore look forward to an exciting lecture on a highly relevant topic.



Entertaining, innovative and condensed: At ReachHigher, experts from a network of extraordinary personalities give lectures on the topics of medicine and research as well as leadership/motivation.

UMCH’s ReachHigher lecture series pushes and strengthens the know-how of our students as well as their personal development – beyond their daily schedule. We look forward to accompanying you on your individual way to self-realization.

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