Adrian Muresan, Ph.D.


Adrian Muresan

Adrian Muresan, Ph.D.


Professional experience

January 2017 – present

  • Science outreach, social volunteering
    Together with Colegiul Nat,ional Papiu Ilarian din Târgu Mures, , I won a 8000RON grant for a pilot research project in asymmetric dice and coins. Involved students and a teacher in the project. One student indicated in private discussions that the project helped him get a scholarship at a UK university.

International Flavors and Fragrances, Hilversum, The Netherlands

August 2013 – October 2016

  • Technical Director Dairy, EAME region

FrieslandCampina Romania

March 2010 – July 2013

  • R&D Manager Central Europe (Romania and Hungary)

Friesland Foods Corporate Research, Deventer, Netherlands

January 2008-February 2010

  • Senior Researcher

Philips Research Europe, Eindhoven, Netherlands

October 2005 – December 2007

  • Senior Researcher

Institute for Atomic and Molecular Physics, Amsterdam, Netherlands

October 2003-October 2005

  • Experienced Researcher

Department of Chemistry and Institute for Biophysical Dynamics, Ka Yee Lee lab, University of

June 1999 – August 2003

  • Research assistant

Department of Radiology , University of Chicago

June 2001 – August 2003

  • Emulsion fabrication consultant

Teaching experience

Department of Physics , University of Chicago

1997 – 1999

  • Teaching Assistant


1997 – 1999

  • Ph.D., Physics. Thesis title: Solidification in Supported Lipid Bilayers
    Department of Physics, University of Chicago

1993 – 1997

  • B.Sc, Physics
    University of Bucharest

1996 – 1997

  • Senior Year Abroad, Tempus
    University of Padua, Italy

Additional information


  • Biophysical Society Student Travel Grant 2001.
  • Tempus Grant of 8000 ECU ($ 6720) to study for a year in a European university 1996.
  • National Merit Scholarship 1993-1997.

Professional Development

  • Attended the Intensive Course in Dermato-Cosmetics Science at Free University Brussels, September 2006
  • Attended the National School of X-Ray and Neutron Scattering, Argonne National Laboratory, August 2000.
  • Member of the Physics Department Graduate Admissions Committee, 1999.


  • Shape Evolution of Lipid Bilayer Patches Adsorbed on Mica: An Atomic Force Microscopy Study Adrian S. Muresan, and Ka Yee C. Lee, Journal of Physical Chemistry 105 4 (2001) 852-855.
  • Effect of Temperature and Composition on the Formation of Nanoscale Compartments in Phospolipid Membranes, Adrian S. Muresan, Haim Diamant, and Ka Yee C. Lee, Journal of the American Chemical Society 123 (2001) 6951-6952 and Journal of the American Chemical Society 123 (2001) 8644-8644.
  • Interaction of Antimicrobial Peptide Protegrin with Biomembranes David Gidalevitz, Yuji Ishitsuka, Adrian S. Muresan, Alan J. Waring, Robert I. Lehrer, and Ka Yee C. Lee, Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, 100 (2003) 6302-6307
  • Urea Modulation of β-Amyloid Fibril Growth: Experimental Studies and Kinetic Models Jin Ryoun Kim, Adrian Muresan, Ka Yee C. Lee and Regina M. Murphy, Protein Science 13 (2004) 2888-2898.
  • Evaluation of kinetics of Perfluorocarbon emulsions with different ’droplet’ sizes in rodent mammary tumors Xiaobing Fan, Jonathan N. River, Adrian S. Muresan, Carmen Popescu, Marta Zamora, Rita M. Culp and Gregory S. Karczmar Physics in medicine & biology 2006,vol.51,nr. 2,pp.211-220
  • Dynamic heterogeneity in hydrogen-bonded polymers Adrian S. Muresan, Johan L.A. Dubbeldam, Holger Kautz, Michael Monkenbusch, Rint P. Sijbesma, Paul van der Schoot, Wim H. de Jeu Physical Review E 74 (2006) 031804 1-7
  • Main-chain smectic liquid-crystalline polymers as randomly disordered systems A. Muresan, B. Ostrovskii, A. Sánchez-Ferrer, H. Finkelmann and W.H. de Jeu European Physical Journal E 19 (2006) 385-388
  • Road to disorder in smectic elastomers Evgeny P. Obraztsov, Adrian S. Muresan, Boris I. Ostrovskii, and Wim H. de Jeu Physical Review E 77, 021706 2008 Influence of fines on the surface energy heterogeneity of lactose for pulmonary drug delivery, Raimundo Ho, Adrian S. Muresan, Gerald A. Hebbink, Jerry, Y.Y. Heng International Journal of Pharmaceutics, Volume 388, Issues 1–2 30 March 2010, Pages 88–94

Conference Proceedings

  • Adrian Muresan, Denitza Lambreva, Boris Ostrovskii, Wim de Jeu, Heino Finkelmann Disorder by random crosslikning in smectic elastomers Dutch Polymer Days, Lunteren February 19-21 2005.
  • Gidalevitz D, Ishitsuka Y, Konovalov O, et al. Comparative study of protegrin and protegrinderived mutant antimicrobial peptides interactions with artificial biological membranes BIOPHYS J 82 (1): 29 Part 2 JAN 2002
  • Muresan AS, Diamant H, Lee KYC Effect of the substrate interaction on the morphology of phase-separated domains in supported lipid bilayers BIOPHYS J 82 (1): 2669 Part 2 JAN 2002
  • Muresan AS, Lee KYC Formation of nanoscale compartments in phospholipid membranes. ABSTR PAP AM CHEM S 222: 21-BIOL Part 1 AUG 2001
  • Muresan AS, Lee KYC Formation of nanoscale compartments in phospholipid membranes. BIOCHEMISTRY-US 40 (29): 21 JUL 24 2001
  • Gidalevitz D, Muresan AS, Lee KYC, et al. Interaction of antimicrobial peptides protegrins with biomembranes. ABSTR PAP AM CHEM S 222: 285-COLL Part 1 AUG 2001
  • Lee KYC, Muresan A, Ege C Interactions of Alzheimer’s amyloid-beta peptides with lipid membranes BIOPHYS J 80 (1): 96 Part 2 JAN 2001
  • Muresan AS, Lee KY Direct observation of lipid/protein interactions using atomic force microscopy on supported bilayers BIOPHYS J 80 (1): 2436 Part 2 JAN 2001
  • Muresan A, Xu S, Lee KYC Time evolution of lipid bilayer domains adsorbed on MICA studied using atomic force microscopy BIOPHYS J 78 (1): 1046Pos Part 2 JAN 2000 September

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